Getting professional services will ensure that you get the job done right. Whether you are selling timber, need an appraisal, or a management plan, my mission is to give you the information and assistance that you need to meet your forestry needs. For Professional Services…

Services Offered

Timber Marketing, Timber Inventory and Cruising, Appraisals, Management Plans, Trespass Investigations and Expert Witnessing



Education: B.S. Forest Management, 1989 Southern Illinois University
Certifications: Association of Consulting Foresters
Kentucky Forest Industries Association
Third Party Auditor for the Certified Master Logger Program
Other Information:
Veteran, US Army

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Company: Ladd Forestry Consulting
Name: Michael Ladd
Email Address: laddforester@peoplepc.com
Website: www.laddforester.com
Office Phone:  270-824-9651
Mobile Phone: 270-836-8084
Fax Number: 270-821-9384

Mailing Address

Company: Ladd Forestry Consulting
Name: Michael Ladd
Address: 396 Cummins Lane
City: Eddyville
State: KY
Zip Code: 42038