Cumberland Forest Management helps landowners get the most from selling timber while maintaining the health and diversity of their forests for future generations. Cumberland Forest Management can handle the entire process of selling your standing timber. Serving southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee regions.

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Services Offered

  • Species Survey

  • Inventory / Value Assessment

  • Health Assessment

  • Boundary Marking

  • Logger Procurement

  • Logging Supervision

  • Non-Crop Forest Consultation



BS in Forestry from the University of Kentucky  
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James spent twenty years as a forester for the Kentucky Division of Forestry before starting Cumberland Forest Management, LLC.

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Company: Cumberland Forest Management
Name: James McDaniel
Email Address: james@managetrees.com
Website: www.managetrees.com
Office Phone: 859-429-1293
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Company: Cumberland Forest Management
Name: James McDaniel
Address: 400 Wondering Woods Drive
City: Somerset
State: KY
Zip Code: 42503